Although all it is now possible to take salmon on the River Allan it is necessary for anglers and for the Association to demonstrate that enough fish are being returned to the system to maintain satisfactory juvenile recruitment. The Association has therefore adopted the Code of Practice recommended  by the River Forth Fisheries Trust and the Forth District Salmon Fishery  Board. We therefore recommend that only one salmon may be taken on any day  with a season limit of two salmon. We also recommend that anglers seriously consider   returning all salmon. If you don;t need it- you don't need to kill it.



  • **Rules** 

Salmon and Sea trout 15th march – 31st October Brown Trout. 15th March – 6th October

Daily Bag Limits. Salmon 1 Sea Trout 1 Brown Trout 4  


    Fly fishing only 15th March until 1st May

NO    Gaffs, tailers, knotted landing nets.

 "       Rod rests, set lines, diving minnows, prawns or shrimps.

  "      Sunday fishing for salmon or sea trout.

  "      Worm or any organic bait before 1st June and after 26th August. (Includes power baits)

  "      Multiple hook flies, baits, or spinners. (One single, double, or treble hook only)

  "      Use of light or electronic fish finding devices.

  "      Fishing 25 yards from top and bottom of all weirs. Also Downstream of Ashfield dam for 200m as signposted.

  "       Fast sinking or hi D lines

  "       Hooks larger than size 4. (Singles only when bait fishing.)

  "        Floats or bubbles

  "       Artificial worm or maggot type baits before 1st June and after 26th August.

  "       Trout to be taken under 10 inches in length

  "       Damage to property, fires, or litter

  "       Continuous fishing in one spot or fishing in front of another angler without their consent.

           Anglers are also expected to abide by the FDSFB recommended code of practice


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